Ms. Padma negi believes in a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, as well as a positive self-image and a love of learning.

She is an academician with immense experience in the capacity of principal. She has led prestigious schools like Billabong High, Mumbai and Poddar International School. Her guidance to canary brings in an atmosphere which not only develops the child as a sensitive human being but also makes him a lifelong learner and a global admirer.

According to Ms. Padma Negi not only does early education brings the benefit of interaction, it also lets the child feel loved and have trust in others. If a child is encountered with early programs then they are able to meet the needs of their child stage life. If these needs are not properly met, then they may become less successful in their performance in an educational environment.

Canary cubs choose to rise under the able leadership of such a seasoned educationist!

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