About our School

Upholding The Experiential Spirit of Knowledge

On the island of Canary, there is a song-bird named Canary which can not only sing melodiously but also be trained in singing. The bird is usually found in a bright-yellow shade signifying growth and an optimistic worldview. At Canary High International, Best School in Pune, we maintain that every child has in themselves the aptitude and ability to be their own light. Therefore, we recognize the need to provide them with a conducive atmosphere which encourages skills such as critical thinking and decision making.

Students learning at Canary High International, School in Kalyani Nagar Pune, learn through out-of-the-box, engaging and interactive teaching methods like explanation of subjects through a story-like narrative, infographics, pictorial representations, group activities, games, audio-visual aids, internet and so on. Students learn how to be efficient both at an individual level as well as together with a team. We enrich the budding minds with value-education classes, giving them not only academic lessons but also life lessons. We understand that education more than a systematic structure of teaching and learning and that it is a movement from darkness to light. Our vision, for this reason remains to open up for the young minds a world of opportunities of knowledge in its experiential spirit!


We are a diligent school which follows teaching-models of international stature. At Canary High International School, Best School in Pune, we offer the CAIE and CBSE curriculum with a broad range of internationally recognised qualifications.

Canary Day Care

We identify that the facility of a well-systematised day-care centre is the need of the hour – especially with the modern family structure where both the parents are working and have tight schedules

Pre-Primary Section

The Pre-primary section emphasizes on learning through play and exploration, stimulating the minds of the youngest members of the school in every positive way possible. We make sure that the first transition of the child from home to school is not only smooth and fun-filled but also informative and enlightening.

Canary Cubs & Day Care Philosophy

A man is born Free but with the choices one never made, with absolutely no control over gender , region or resources to list a few. So we at the Fledgling canary cubs offer you a choice to be an active part of education and grooming! Your choice will live with you for the rest of your life.

Imagine a School Where



Canary Cubs is painstakingly and perfectly structured For the metamorphosis of the playgroup toddler student guest into a brilliant scholastic human flower groomed to perfection, eager to identify, analyse then locate while still being a Fledgling, the First few baby steps, to eventually succeed in the world of specialized professionals. The “Hows” will be sculpted by vocational mapping For progressive refinement of the perception of the professional specialization sought by our students. The “Whys” would be the talents carved reinforced through our concerted efforts to identify, accentuate and nurture. Uncluttered learning by the synergy of plain and simple hard work with the talent using the basic yet efficient tools of concentration, comprehension ,computation and retention. Awareness and implementation of nutrition to augment the healthy body to compliment a brilliant mind

Our Values