We are a diligent Best school in Pune which follows teaching-models of international stature. At Canary High International School, Pune we offer the CAIE curriculum with a broad range of internationally recognized qualifications. University of Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) is the world’s most popular international qualification taken in over 160 countries. Our teachers offer personalized guidance and mentoring to our students. The teachers at CHIS undergo continuous training both face-to-face and online. Moreover, exposure to national and international seminars and conferences enables our teachers to stay updated on the marking schemes, examiners report, etc.


We understand the need of providing child care to the children who have both the parents working.

The need of the hour supports the family structure where both the parent invest in their respective careers or ambitions to build the best nest for themselves and their child. We function as a support system which enables the child to grow in an environment that provides the care as any home would. The Canary Cubs Child Care offers organized, age appropriate and systematic structure to the children and not only caters to the physical development but also creates opportunity for better learning.

Under the supervision of mature and trained members the Child Care is of our utmost priority..Safe, Secure with CCTV monitoring .

We do provide services and assistance on a long term, short term and emergency basis. 


The Pre-primary section emphasizes on learning through play and exploration, stimulating the minds of the youngest members of the school in every positive way possible. We make sure that the first transition of the child from home to school is not only smooth and fun-filled but also informative and enlightening. At this tender age, we mould the children into fine learners and work on activating their minds. Children are curious learners and they learn best while performing activities and observation. We help in nurturing the mind of each and every child as we believe that every child is unique and every child has the potential to learn. We not only focus on a child’s physical development but also on intellectual, cognitive, creative, sensory, social & cultural, linguistic & emotional development. We work actively towards creating a comfortable learning environment which fosters solidarity and ensures that all children are properly catered for.